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Business Holiday Cards

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Business Holiday Cards by 76th Street Ink 

When you are looking for that perfect way to standout to your clients and customers this holiday season, 76th Street Ink is here to help! Our memorable cartoon characters on adorable backgrounds are sure to make a positive impression and encourage your contacts to make an appointment or stay in touch. Order Yours Today!

• Step 1: Choose quantity in drop-down menu.
• Step 2: Click “Add to Cart” button.
• Step 3: Checkout.
• Step 4: E-mail your photo to HiThere "at" 76thstreetink.com.
That's it! You'll receive your custom cartoon portrait in 3-5 business days!

"You have made our lives easier and also given us a very unique card that perfectly represents us. We usually take FOREVER to take a picture, modify and touch it up and then print. You are a life saver this year. So much appreciated. Have a wonderful day and a wonderful holiday."
–Mandy from California

• Expertly designed cartoon characters!
• Your choice of adorable doctor outfits shown above, casual or dressy professional attire.
• 4" x 5.5" folded cards with the finish of your choice.
• Blank white envelopes.
• The best customer service you can imagine.
• Up to three revisions.
• Full refund if you let us know before printing.
• Digital copy available for orders over $100.
• Design saved in our cartoon archive.

Completely crazy-cute custom design.
We'll create...
• pets
• children
• outfits
• background including your city skyline
• color changes
• font changes
+ unlimited revisions on your design.
Send us your ideas, we'll send you a quote!

Simply place your order and then send your photo to HiThere "at" 76thstreetink.com to get started!

• Only 3-5 business days to create your initial proof once we receive your order.
• After payment and design approval, just 8 business days to print and ship.
• Three business-day rush shipping, when it needs to arrive fast!
• IMPORTANT DEADLINE for when it matters! You need to approve your design by NO LATER than 4pm eastern to be sent to the printer the same day.

• 100% refund if you are unhappy with your design before it goes to the printer. No questions asked!
• Unfortunately, after an order goes to the printer we cannot accept cancellations or shipping address changes.

Thanks so much for stopping by 76th Street Ink! Happily serving over 600 customers in more than 13 countries since 2010 :o)

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