How to Make the Most of Your Create-A-Life Planner

Planning your life out can sound intimidating at first, whether it’s just what you want for breakfast tomorrow or the age at which you’re going to retire. This can be especially difficult for the creatives-at-heart (we get it because we are them)! In order to keep all the craziness organized, we’ve introduced our brand new Create-a-Life (CAL) Planner—the planner that combines work and play in the most unique of ways. Here’s four ways you can use our planner to help you get organized in the new year:

Implement Visual Reminders

Is there anything that’s more fun and functional than labelled stickers with cute characters on them? We think not. Make your to-dos stick out (and never miss out on a mani/pedi date) by taking advantage of our stickers found in the front of every planner. Bonus: There’s even a folder put in to store all your most important everyday documents.

Prep for the Week Ahead

For those of you who like to think in the short-term, our weekly view pages are for you. Not only does each date have its own column, but there’s also space laid out for you to write your goals for the week related to your top priorities, the home, your online presence, who to call, and errands to run. With these pages, you’ll never forget a single detail of your hectic life.

Focus on the Big Picture

When you just really need to figure out what your life looks like, turn to our monthly view. Here you’ll find a calendar to write down your most important of happenings, plus space to brain dump everything you need to get done for the month. You’re welcome, big-picture thinkers.

Keep Calm and Color On

We think you’ll agree with us: All you need is coffee and love (plus a coloring page to de-stress from life’s craziness). When you have a free moment, life is getting the best of you, or you just need to distract your kids in the waiting room, remember to turn to the back of your planner for a special coloring page featuring our signature characters!


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