5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring! A time when everything feels new and suddenly, the world isn’t so dark anymore. The children can play outside once again, your dog will actually go on walks, and you get to give your garage the good dusting it needed all winter while you were snuggled up by the fire. If you’re already spring cleaning your home, why not give your life the same attention this April?

Purge Your Closet

Okay, do you actually need three pairs of basic black heels? Probably not. You probably don’t need most of the things in your closet! Consider selling or donating (hello, tax write-off) all those things you swear you’ll wear one day but haven’t given a second thought since. Not convinced? Try hanging all of your clothes the same way on the hanger, then once you wear them, flipping the hanger. In six months, if the hanger is still facing the original way, it’s definitely time to get rid of that item.

Defriend and Unfollow

We all have those people we keep on our social media feeds but don’t know why—all they do is make us angry, hurt, and/or jealous. Take this time to consciously remove them from your life. You have no idea how much better you’ll feel once those toxic people are out of sight and therefore, out of mind.

Assess Your Finances

Finances, ugh. A subject we’d all like to avoid but a necessary evil to get out of the way! Take a look at your taxes, bank statements, and current budget—is there anything you need to reassess? While this isn’t fun and definitely stressful, you’ll thank yourself later when you have a little extra cash in the bank.

Freshen Up Your Living Space

Chances are, you’ve been cooped up in your house for the past six months and getting pretty tired of your surroundings. Consider switching out the pillows, some artwork, and maybe a small piece of furniture to liven things up and give your eyes new pieces to look at!

Make Amends

Remember that one woman you stopped talking to four years ago and yet you still don’t recall why? Consider sending a personal hand-written note (we have some for you!) and get some closure. Who knows—you may be given a second chance to create something good. After all, isn’t that what spring is all about?

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