10 Links We Love This Month



With this month’s blog, we decided to mix it up a little. Instead of giving you our best tips and tricks, we thought we’d outsource for our favorite recipes, reads, and DIYs. Without further ado, here’s 10 links we are loving this July—check them out:

Looking to decorate your walls but your landlord says no to nails? Try one of these six alternatives.

One of our favorite books—you’ll just have to read to understand!

21 toast recipes that will make your morning.

Put out this newlywed tip jar at your wedding for guests to give advice.

Anything you want, delivered on-demand. You’ll never have to leave the house again!

Celebrity moms—they’re just like us!

As it turns out, exercise is the closest thing we’ll ever get to a wonder drug. Bummer.

These fish tacos fresh, easy, and just so good.

Shop The Sill for super easy to care for houseplants—no green thumb required.

Head on over to your local drive-in theater with these picnic essentials.

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